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I went to St Martin's School of Art in London.. I have been a dancer, a wig maker and was Deputy Wig and Makeup Master at the Royal National Theatre for 21 years. Latterly in Cornwall I was a Civil Servant, now semi-retired due to disability. I have moved from Cornwall due to my mother's health .

Friday, 30 July 2010

Could this mean trouble at Mill ?

This morning I looked out of the window to find the kitty bed is on a time share with another pussy also of undetermined sexuality.

Now I don't mind, but I just hope if pussy no 1 comes along they can be civil about this as I don't really want a 'cat's chorus' right outside my home.

But this one looks cute also so hopefully they can share the experience. Of course they could be friends keeping it warm for each other LOL, I do hope so. ( surely they must know they both use it by smell etc)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

So who's pussy is this then?

I have a couple of cypres trees in my front garden, which attracts the sun in the late morning/early afternoon. Under the tree are some dead autumn sticks and leaves which I keep meaning to clear but now I don't have the heart, because every day late morning this little beauty comes into my garden and goes to sleep under the tree.

There is even an indentation in the leaves where it ( I say it because I have no idea if it is male of female) has made a bed. It stays most of the afternoon asleep or just looking around never moves even when someone comes to the front door ( so much so a friend of mine thought it was dead) It just raises it's head looks at me, or whoever, and then goes back to sleep again.

I live next to a farmhouse so I am assuming it is a farm cat although it looks well fed and has a very healthy coat so it could belong to any one of my distant neighbours. But I just thought it looked so pretty I would put a photograph on here.

The downside is that the other day it decided to pay some rental for it's lodgings and left a poor dead vole just outside the front door.. Ah the joys of country life..LOL

Enjoy P XX

Well I suppose it's update time so soon already

A few months ago my friend on the Lizard point gave me a plant from her garden it was growing in profusion with lots of spiky leaves and long stems with large ball shaped clusters of beautiful blue flowers. I took it home in a plastic bag no pot or little in the way of earth around the roots, I left it on the doorstep and forgot about it. A while later unannoynced she came to visit and to my horror the plastic bag was still on the doorstep with the plant inside. She was garcious enought not to mention it but I froze on the spot.
After she had gone I decided to plant it in a large pot and left it by the front door it was there all through the winter months and I thought it had died. But look at it now.. a lovely plant has blossomed where a dank yellowy weed once was.
Does anyone know what it's called?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Widor , HRH Princess Margaret and the Poltimore Tiara

I have just added a new section to my music. It's number 10 and is by Charles Widor (pronounced Vidor).. His 'Toccata' some of you may recognise from Princess Margaret's wedding to Anthony Armstrong Jones, on 6th May 1960.

It has to be one of my most favourite classical pieces.. I hope you like it.

The pics are just a bit of bling to remind people how stunning Princess Margaret once was.. A true beauty who in her time could challenge the looks of Diana.

The Poltimore Tiara which Princess Margaret wore for her wedding above... I think looks so different without a head under it LOL.. and could also be dismantelled from the frame and worn as a necklace, the centre diamond becoming a drop, with the bottom of the tiara framing the neck. It was unusual in as much as it was a diadem tiara and not open at the back as most were.

It was sold on 17th June 2007, it's estimated value of between £150,000.00 and £200,000.00 was topped by the end bid of £924,000.000, by a chinese business person and has now been re-homed in China.