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I went to St Martin's School of Art in London.. I have been a dancer, a wig maker and was Deputy Wig and Makeup Master at the Royal National Theatre for 21 years. Latterly in Cornwall I was a Civil Servant, now semi-retired due to disability. I have moved from Cornwall due to my mother's health .

Friday, 28 May 2010

OH! Expletives !!!!!!!

The air was a deep shade of bluey green today, as I have heard via LizG, Pixie Lou's mum, that the card has not arrived as yet so the happy couple left for their honeymoon without seeing it... I'm hopping MAD!!!

Liz has again PM'd me today to say the card has still not arrived she is calling in every night to check.

Blast the Royal Mail.. It has been well over a week now.. plenty of time for a first class letter to be delivered.. I especially took it to the main PO in Launceston with plenty of time to spare so that it would get there well in advance had them weigh it and check the correct postage was affixed.. and they have lost it somewhere, between here and Glasgow.

Oh well the best laid plans of mice and men...... P

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Wedding card for Pixie Lou (DCer)

This is the Wedding card I sent to LizG's Daughter Louise and her husband to be Scott for their wedding today in Glasgow.. Liz is a DC buddy of mine as is daughter Louise, with whom I share an interest in the theatre.

I wish the happy couple many years of wedded bliss.. and hope the sun shines on them for many years to come....