Friday, 30 July 2010

Could this mean trouble at Mill ?

This morning I looked out of the window to find the kitty bed is on a time share with another pussy also of undetermined sexuality.

Now I don't mind, but I just hope if pussy no 1 comes along they can be civil about this as I don't really want a 'cat's chorus' right outside my home.

But this one looks cute also so hopefully they can share the experience. Of course they could be friends keeping it warm for each other LOL, I do hope so. ( surely they must know they both use it by smell etc)


Margarets designer cards said...

Looks like your home is growing with new pussy's It looks very much at home. I wait to see when no 3 turns up Margaret

tilly said...

OOOOOOOO hope there is no fur flying at dawn!!maybe they are friends? I hope so
Tilly x

Noreen said...

You obviously have a very des res in your garden Peter, hope they don't indulge in any caterwauling (apologies for pun) xx

kay said...

reckon there is a secret sign for cat rescue somewhere in your garden,x