Saturday, 7 November 2009

OO was this really me?

I have just found two pictures of me with a perm.. as was fashionable for both men and women at the time.. The first one is in the mid seventies when I was in my early twenties.. the second was on holiday in france in the eighties..

In the first I am at home making a wig.. oh dear the cigarette packet , drink and full ash tray.. is rather what a lot of people think of the theatrical profession.. This was taken during an all nighter as I had to finish the wig for the following day. And in case you are wondering .. I gave up smoking many years ago and very rarely drink alcohol these days... maybe the odd glass of wine .

The second one was during my new romantic look you can't see the plait at the back as I think it is over my right shoulder.. Slave to fashion that I was !!!!!!!

Enjoy and have a good laugh LOLO

Have a good day!!!!!
Peter Xx