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I went to St Martin's School of Art in London.. I have been a dancer, a wig maker and was Deputy Wig and Makeup Master at the Royal National Theatre for 21 years. Latterly in Cornwall I was a Civil Servant, now semi-retired due to disability. I have moved from Cornwall due to my mother's health .

Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Memoirs of a ......

I keep being asked why I don't write a book of my memories of life in the Theatre. Up to now I have only thought about it until someone said they would help me to set the wheel in motion, and possibly act as my PA. I'm still not sure if it would be feasable as to sell I would have to name and shame as it were which could cause endless legal complications although everything I would be writing would be true.. I have for many years said I would not reveal names, just anecdotes..

Do you think it's agood or bad idea?.. would you buy it? What should I call it?

I'm looking for realistic suggestions for a title bearing in mind the subject matter.. Any ideas.Maybe funny or serious what would you call it?

Because I have such a wicked sense of humour and am always playing the fool it was suggested it be called 'Memoirs of a Court Jester' but I'm not convinced....


Blogger emmy lou 82 said...

hi Peter, what a fab idea I would love to read it i love those sorts of books, I bet you have some amazing stories. 'to tell or not to tell ...that is the question' lol.

Sunday, June 14, 2009  
Blogger Foxcraft said...

well if you go with the Court Jester title I'm sure you can do the artwork already Peter ;o)

I have made my suggestions on DC xxxx Caz

Tuesday, June 16, 2009  

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