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I went to St Martin's School of Art in London.. I have been a dancer, a wig maker and was Deputy Wig and Makeup Master at the Royal National Theatre for 21 years. Latterly in Cornwall I was a Civil Servant, now semi-retired due to disability. I have moved from Cornwall due to my mother's health .

Sunday, 5 September 2010

My first pastel pictures made at Mullion Cove Cornwall

These are some of the pictures I produced at my 'Taster' session whilst on holiday near Mullion Cove Cornwall.

They are done in Water Soluble Wax Pastels and are my first attempt in this particular medium.

The first is called 'On Moonlight Bay' because of the tranquil feeling of the sea, the sand and the moon shining on the water from behind a dark broody cloud.

The second is 'Tree in the early morning sunrise' with a black shadowy tree against the distant rising sun.

Next is Remembrance ' At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them' a family of shadowy figures stand to attention against the evening sunset, a blend of Poppy Red, White and Green.

And lastly 'Moody hues' a seascape in different hues trying out different colours and blending.

Your thoughts on my efforts would be much appreciated.

If you are ever at Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall, why not pop in to 'Mullion Meadows' and see Anthony in his Gallery and maybe try his 'taster' sessions.

Also see Chocolate being made and sculpted into all sorts of forms.

Honey Cosmetics for a variety of natural cosmetics made using natural ingredients and Cornish honey.

There's a cafe.

And Cornish Made with hand made jewelry, hand knitted baby clothes and cardigans, cards, sun catchers and a mirriad of other things.

Also a really nice Scrapbooking and Card making shop at the rear of the complex near the car park.

It really is worth visiting..

Peter XX

A new slant on playing cat and mouse LOL

I have recently returned form two weeks away in my caravan on the Lizard Peninsular Cornwall.. although it's only just over an hours drive away the scenery is so different from this end of Cornwall, I find it so relaxing and peaceful.

But one day late morning I was looking across to an unoccupied pitch to see this rather wonderful sight. The site cat and a local Pheasant eyeballing each other . The cat made no attempt to chase the Pheasent and the Pheasent in turn was obviously at home with the cat being so close.

I thought it made a wonderful picture to share with you all.

If you have any captions you could leave for this picture please feel free to do so....

Peter XX

Friday, 30 July 2010

Could this mean trouble at Mill ?

This morning I looked out of the window to find the kitty bed is on a time share with another pussy also of undetermined sexuality.

Now I don't mind, but I just hope if pussy no 1 comes along they can be civil about this as I don't really want a 'cat's chorus' right outside my home.

But this one looks cute also so hopefully they can share the experience. Of course they could be friends keeping it warm for each other LOL, I do hope so. ( surely they must know they both use it by smell etc)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

So who's pussy is this then?

I have a couple of cypres trees in my front garden, which attracts the sun in the late morning/early afternoon. Under the tree are some dead autumn sticks and leaves which I keep meaning to clear but now I don't have the heart, because every day late morning this little beauty comes into my garden and goes to sleep under the tree.

There is even an indentation in the leaves where it ( I say it because I have no idea if it is male of female) has made a bed. It stays most of the afternoon asleep or just looking around never moves even when someone comes to the front door ( so much so a friend of mine thought it was dead) It just raises it's head looks at me, or whoever, and then goes back to sleep again.

I live next to a farmhouse so I am assuming it is a farm cat although it looks well fed and has a very healthy coat so it could belong to any one of my distant neighbours. But I just thought it looked so pretty I would put a photograph on here.

The downside is that the other day it decided to pay some rental for it's lodgings and left a poor dead vole just outside the front door.. Ah the joys of country life..LOL

Enjoy P XX

Well I suppose it's update time so soon already

A few months ago my friend on the Lizard point gave me a plant from her garden it was growing in profusion with lots of spiky leaves and long stems with large ball shaped clusters of beautiful blue flowers. I took it home in a plastic bag no pot or little in the way of earth around the roots, I left it on the doorstep and forgot about it. A while later unannoynced she came to visit and to my horror the plastic bag was still on the doorstep with the plant inside. She was garcious enought not to mention it but I froze on the spot.
After she had gone I decided to plant it in a large pot and left it by the front door it was there all through the winter months and I thought it had died. But look at it now.. a lovely plant has blossomed where a dank yellowy weed once was.
Does anyone know what it's called?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Widor , HRH Princess Margaret and the Poltimore Tiara

I have just added a new section to my music. It's number 10 and is by Charles Widor (pronounced Vidor).. His 'Toccata' some of you may recognise from Princess Margaret's wedding to Anthony Armstrong Jones, on 6th May 1960.

It has to be one of my most favourite classical pieces.. I hope you like it.

The pics are just a bit of bling to remind people how stunning Princess Margaret once was.. A true beauty who in her time could challenge the looks of Diana.

The Poltimore Tiara which Princess Margaret wore for her wedding above... I think looks so different without a head under it LOL.. and could also be dismantelled from the frame and worn as a necklace, the centre diamond becoming a drop, with the bottom of the tiara framing the neck. It was unusual in as much as it was a diadem tiara and not open at the back as most were.

It was sold on 17th June 2007, it's estimated value of between £150,000.00 and £200,000.00 was topped by the end bid of £924,000.000, by a chinese business person and has now been re-homed in China.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

HOORAY HOORAY the card turneth up

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
I have had a PM from Pixie Lou to say the wedding card has turned up on her doorstep this morning having taken nearly three weeks to arrive ( should have sent it second class it would have got there sooner).. Big sigh of relief as I thought I was going to have to duplicate it, and I hate duplicating cards...

Ah well!! 'All's well that ends well'

Friday, 11 June 2010

Snoflakes Christmas Challenge wks 23&24

Weeks 23 & 24 in case no-one sees them in my DC Gallery LOL

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Have you seen this Man?

I found a website for creating a smiley type image you just type in your attributes, Hair/eye colour, facial hair etc. Unfortuantely smileys don't have noses.. just as well cos mine would tip the balance somewhat LOL

What a lovely site it came up with this... LOL Although it does look a bit like a wanted photofit.

It really is a good likeness (not) but I like it anyhow I might even use it as my avatar sometime.
Don't ask me where the site is cos I forgot to save it to my favourites.. I think it was called something like Design a Smiley.. But don't quote me on that
If you see me in the street do stop and say hello.. Mind you it's not an exact likeness so maybe you might have second thoughts.. especially when 'he' gives you an odd look.... LOL

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pheasant on tree stump

We are just back from spending the B/H weekend at our caravan on the Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall. I looked out of our caravan window one morning and saw a pheasant standing on a recently cut down tree stump and thought it made a lovely picture with the woods in the background.
The site is quite peaceful and about 6am you are woken by the unmistakable squark of the pheasants as they roam the site free range looking for titbits.

Friday, 28 May 2010

OH! Expletives !!!!!!!

The air was a deep shade of bluey green today, as I have heard via LizG, Pixie Lou's mum, that the card has not arrived as yet so the happy couple left for their honeymoon without seeing it... I'm hopping MAD!!!

Liz has again PM'd me today to say the card has still not arrived she is calling in every night to check.

Blast the Royal Mail.. It has been well over a week now.. plenty of time for a first class letter to be delivered.. I especially took it to the main PO in Launceston with plenty of time to spare so that it would get there well in advance had them weigh it and check the correct postage was affixed.. and they have lost it somewhere, between here and Glasgow.

Oh well the best laid plans of mice and men...... P

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Wedding card for Pixie Lou (DCer)

This is the Wedding card I sent to LizG's Daughter Louise and her husband to be Scott for their wedding today in Glasgow.. Liz is a DC buddy of mine as is daughter Louise, with whom I share an interest in the theatre.

I wish the happy couple many years of wedded bliss.. and hope the sun shines on them for many years to come....

Monday, 26 April 2010

A card for Vince

I have now made cards for all the family. Liverpool fan Sue ( Ric's colleague) her daughter Zoe's 18th, Man U fan son Josh and now her husband Vince..I have it on authority that Vince is covered in tattoos, so used that idea to come up with his card. The backing paper is of a tattoo design for a tiger which I then transferred to 3D Card Builder 2 to repeat the image .. also I used a strip of blue faux snakeskin card ( to beef it up a bit) with peeloffs. The pic of Vince was given to me by his wife Sue ( an old school photo) and pyramaged using the same CD ( it looks a bit squiffy because of the angle I took it at . The sentiment was done using Wordart and cut with Nesties. The insert is another Tattoo design and the words are done using a font often used by Tattooists . Any comments would be appreciated.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Oh Disheartened me

I'm getting really disheartened with the response I am getting for my blog.. It seems many people come in and view but no-one leaves any comments so I can't really guage any reaction.

STOP PRESS !! I have just been informed by a buddy that they could not leave a comment as there was no facility to do so.. I have now been in and adjusted my settings as I have read this can sometinmes happen if a new layout is used.

I have now been told the comment facility is now working.

So if you happen to be passing this way please leave a comment even if it's just Hello LOL.. Thank you .

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Card I made for Daisy Moo's Birthday

Outside it looks like an ordinary A5 card


Inside it's an easel card with swinging insert

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Just a few more cards

Sue's Birthday card ( she is mad keen on Liverpool and Steven Gerrard)
and her daughter Zoe's 18th birthday card

Sue's son Josh's 16th birthday card (oops a Manchester U Fan LOL)
A Card and Box I made for Lynne and Phil's Wedding last March